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The Gili Trawangan Lombok - Fast Boat to Gili Trawangan


The Gili Trawangan Lombok is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the three Gili Islands. Gili Trawangan Island is the largest of the three Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia. And the other two are Gili Meno and Gili Air. However The Gili Trawangan is the most popular and also dubbed as "Party Island" by the local people. it is easily reached by local boat about an hour and with a fast boat only takes 5 minutes from Lombok to the Gili Trawangan Island.


The Gili Trawangan Island Lombok with beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear water, good weather almost all year round suitable for enjoying the holiday. This island is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. The natural beauty of this island has attracted local and international visitors.


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What attracts travelers to The Gili Trawangan Lombok


What attracts many tourists visiting the Gili Trawangan Lombok. View of the sea with crystal clear water, many tourists do snorkeling and diving on the island. But, if you do not love water sports, you can also sunbathe and relax on the beach and read a book. The island is best for all who want to get peace, free from fumes, free stress, and friendly people.


The Gili Trawangan Lombok has good facilities useable for your condition spell enjoying a spend in Gili Lombok. In this island is providing many choices of accommodation, luxury hotels, villa and Cafe for a site to relaxation. We are able to get a inexpensive hotel and a high class hotels with competing rates. There are 2 types of transportation facility that you are able to use like Cidomo and Bicycles.


The Gili Trawangan is providing plenty of accommodation options, from simple lodging, luxury hotels, resort to a place of relaxation.

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Gili Trawangan Lombk is the paradise and exotic tropical Gili island paradise that combines the beauty of white sandy beaches with crystal clean water.


Gili Trawangan is the island's most well-known and Most popular of the three Gilis. Gili Trawangan island is also the largest and farthest from Lombok, but easily reached by local boat in less than an hour and only five minutes by speedboat from Lombok.


Gili Trawangan Lombok can be the only Gili is increasing rapidly with a view of the spectacular sunset and in the morning, the sun rising over Mount Renjani very brilliant. Rinjani is located in the east Gili trawangan in mainland Lombok. At the south end there is a hill of the rest of the old World War II bunker cannon Japan and collapsed.


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Hotels on Gili Trawangan Lombok prices range from cheap to luxury hotels. Bungalow with walls of woven bamboo and thatching slowly disappear and are replaced by a simple cottage building with western style bathroom. There are also luxury villas that are equipped with the comfort of a 5 star resort like private pool, WiFi internet, iPod dick, LCD TV and DVD player.


There is a beautiful view during the night plus the island has rotating party roster, where some places have a license to hold a party on one night of the week (party island). Many tourists visit to Gili Trawangan Island to enjoy the holidays. Gili Trawangan is the ideal spot for those who want to enjoy a vacation with tranquility, in this place also has available some restaurants with delicious food


Accommodation hotels already offer WiFi internet, money changers, many ATM's, tour information fast boat services in this islnad. Many large restaurant, hotel and shops accept credit cards. In this place there is also a place tinnis club and fitness center and health center. Gili Trawangan island is a favorite tourist destination with many activities on offer on this island. People have gathered in this place to sunbathe on the white sandy beach and swimming in the blue water is clean, you can also enjoy snorkeling or diving to see coral extraordinary.